Video: Hacking the Extraterrestrial Internet – Where Fiction Meets Reality

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    Explore the Tech Behind the Interplanetary Internet!

    EH-Net Live! June 2019 - Hacking the Extraterrestrial Internet - Video - Teaser ThumbVideo and Slide Deck from EH-Net Live! June 2019

    Normal SciFi glosses over a glaring problem with comms through the vastness of space… The Internet, and more specifically the TCP/IP protocol suite, suffer a massive self-imposed DOS attack with any disruptions for more than a few seconds. Ignoring that fact doesn’t cut it for our first guest, NYT bestselling author, Daniel Suarez. He wondered… How do we hack it to make it work for a realistic, near future novel on mining asteroids? Enter our second guest, Scott Burleigh, where he’ll show you that there’s no need to recreate the wheel, because he and an international team from NASA, other national space agencies and numerous industry participants already did it! It’s called DTN. They’re here to show you the details of Delay / Disruption Tolerant Networking, where it’s already being used today, security considerations and how you can get involved. Included are several resources for you to download and implement DTN for both terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications. Do you have the skills to handle the future of the Internet? Can you help the IPNSIG in hacking the extraterrestrial internet? Here’s your chance.

    Catch this replay of an EH-Net Live! webinar from Thursday June 27, 2019.

    [See the full article at: Video: Hacking the Extraterrestrial Internet – Where Fiction Meets Reality]

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