Video: Bad As You Want To Be – Adversary Emulation Basics

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      Don Donzal

      Watch Now to Amp Up Your Red Team!

      EH-Net Live! - May 2020 - Adversary Emulation Basics - Watch NOW!Video and Slide Deck from EH-Net Live! May 2020

      OK… so your infrastructure is pretty much locked down, your SOC is solid, you do regular pentests and even leveled up your organization’s capabilities to include threat hunting, RE and malware analysis. Your security program is at a pretty mature level. However, as your organization grows or the assets they possess become more valuable, are you ready for what a nation state or other APT groups can throw at you? How do you know unless you pretend to be one? Are you ready to ramp up your red team engagements to mimic some really well-funded and deviously clever attackers? Watch Jake Williams AKA @MalwareJake in this FREE EH-Net Live! webinar that was presented on Thurs May 28, 2020.

      [See the full article at: Video: Bad As You Want To Be – Adversary Emulation Basics]

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      He is a former Network Exploitation operator with the DoD where he is one of less than 15 people to date who have earned the designation of ‘Master CNE Operator’. Leveraging experience and insight with advanced persistent threats help Jake “think like the attacker” and determine the attacker’s likely hiding spots.
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      But, as your organization grows or the assets they possess be. Webinar: Bad As You Want To Be – Adversary Emulation Basics – The Ethical Hacker Network.

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