URGENT …Need professional Keygen Maker

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      Hi everybody

      I need urgently a pro keygen maker for an apps i have that the manuf. Is going to disapear definitely …we get a timelife key every year

      Who can help me ?

      Thks to contact me URGENT

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      Welcome to the Ethical Hacker Network.

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      Do you have eyes? Can you read? Can you move your eyes up to the top of the page? What does it say? Ethical Hacker Network  ;D  ;D ;D ;D ;D Not “Unethical Illegal Warez Pirate Mafia BlackHat Cracker Whacker Hacker Network”, or “This website will give you illegal software right away just by asking because we are so nice!”  🙂

      Here’s your options:
      A) Go to HackForums or somewhere else and buy them;
      B) Download keygens for whatever you need, sleep satisfied your computer is now infected with malware;
      C) Learn reverse engineering and create your own;
      D) Buy the software or get off the Internet.

      If you choose C, I support your actions if you buy the software first. That way, you are actually not breaking the law (in most countries) as long as you have bought the software legitimately and is not selling pirated copies including serial keys.

      PS: What does “manuf.” mean? (Manufacturer http://websters.yourdictionary.com/manuf ?)

      PPS: What is a timelife key? I understand what a lifetime key is, but you wouldn’t get that every year. To be honest, it seems like you are just trying to get free warez from us, so no, your request is not URGENT as we don’t give a banana about your illegal requests  ;D

      @UNIX wrote:

      Welcome to the Ethical Hacker Network.

      Quoted for Truth

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      @Ossobucco wrote:

      apps i have that the manuf. Is going to disapear definitely

      This is why you require all source code for critical applications to be escrowed as part of the contract.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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