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      Hello anyone and all. My friend is being deposited spied on in a very specific way. I can’t find anything with search queries so i must all the question directly. He’s had 3 different phones all different networks and on each one he can record a video and when you go back to the play the file the file grayed out and you can’t even click on it too delete it. Someone has control of his videos.. Maybe more? Last new phone turned on went to airplane mode, recorded short vid and SAME THING can’t open it. He’s not signed into or using Google account on this new test phone. He’s thinks it’s an using and selling and i think there’s a possibility he was included in a law enforcement warrant back sometime after we found out a guy at a store we use was busted for pot trafficking and had called to talk to him a few times thereby creating a local connection for evidence and they left it open?? Anyway whomever it is, it is A HUGE mind f#$k for him not being able to see who and why they are doing this to him. Thank you for reading and your time.

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      I wish to add that I’m seeking help urgently because my friend is so affected by this he didn’t know who is after him anywhere he goes he’s thinking in terms of..”if something happens to me..” and I’ve GOT TO get answers for him.

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