Update on my CEH exam….for the two or three people who actually reads this….

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      and for that lil spider near the book shelf from one of your rooms…..who actually gives a damn….. ::)

      :'(  :'(  :'(  :'(  :'(

      I Failed…..:(

      55.86%……so close to feel the burn…but too far to gimme the warmth…..

      not looking forward to reading those freaking books all over again….. :-* :'( :'(

      a lil heads up would have helped……thanx ALOT guys…..the exam took me like high beam headlights takes a startled baby kitten….. ??? ??? ???

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      Maybe had you taken a little more time to formulate your posts, and only make one thread instead of 5, you would have been able to see the responses that you were given.

      You were given a huge list of resources and you were provided with examples of what type of information to know, among other suggestions.

      Why did you take a bootcamp and then wait a year to take the exam?

      I believe you’ve been offered plenty of assistance from the members of this community and maybe now you can take the time to do a little more searching and reading, because obviously you didn’t do enough the first time around.

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      Take you time and review a little more. I failed windows 7 exam buy now I al re-study and will pass next time. After you pass it you will learn more

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      I failed CEH too the first time. I got 68% (while I needed 70%). I was starting in IT security and didn’t even know about this forum. I basically studied the wrong things (I learned about many, many things that wasn’t in the exam…).

      I took a month off from studying, then spent 3 months on GSEC. Once I got that cert, I did CEH 8 days after and passed the exam!

      But now, I am happy to have it. And I used my experience to teach my daughters that in life, when we fail, we just have to work harder and we will succeed later.

      So take a break and you will pass it next time, now that you really know what the exam is all about.

      What does not kill you, makes you stronger!  😉

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      Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out and pass it the next time. 

      A little (actually a lot) of preparation would have helped and you wouldn’t have had such a deer in the headlights look when taking it.

      BillV is right, you should have kept it to one thread.  Amazing how the finger is pointed at us for you failing it.  When you point the finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you.

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      I’ll have to 2nd and 3rd the posts by BillV and Dengar13…  After all, when I self-study for certifications, whether or not there’s been a bootcamp in the past that I’ve been to, the study and responsibility are my own.  Yes, help is always welcome, however, for you to start pushing blame at the folks on this board, when you still need to READ the replies AND verify them, (whether in your test labs or study materials,) leaves you looking quite the sore loser.  Never, EVER just take someone’s word as a final answer, especially when you’re supposed to be ‘learning.’  Take the time to validate their points, and test them, studying results, and paying close attention to things you might miss, by simply taking someone’s word for it, and not actually SEEING it in action.

      I’d suggest thinking things through, studying a bit more this next time, as well as paying closer attention to your threads, and maybe your chances will improve.  This is one other reason I dislike certification bootcamps.  (Don’t get me wrong… there ARE good ones, but you really need to pick and choose them wisely, to find the ones of real value.)  First, they teach you what’s needed to ‘get past an exam.’  Second, the lessons you learn are based on the instructors’ knowledge, or books, with specific points to discuss, and not always ‘experimental learning opportunity.’  Third, many people fail to realize that, to truly be good at something, doesn’t just mean to take a bootcamp and pass a test.  There’s a lot more knowledge out there to gain, through ‘professional networking’ and job experience, than any course will teach you, in and of itself. 

      I’d be careful in how you proceed, from here, if you’re going to ask further questions and help from the board members.  Alienating folks who are honestly trying and willing to help you succeed, by pointing fingers, is not a good way to develop one’s social or professional network, and you might just lose some good lifelines in the process.

      Better luck next time, though, and study hard.  :-[

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      We are al trying to help each other on this forum, but we can’t talk too much about the certs. As you know, we all signed something saying we won’t talk about the exam details.

      The hard the certification, the more it shows how much you know in this field.

      Just be careful not blaming the others for an exam you alone wrote…  😉

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      bummer! remember that ethical hacking is one of the hardest IT occupation around. nothing comes easy in this field of work and the best advice i have been getting came from Offensive Security and is: TRY HARDER! now you have a good picture of what they ask from you and now you can focus more on that specific knowledge, so next time you will ace it with no sweat! go for it!

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      hi Diamonddrago,

      Pitty you’ve missed it!!

      I’m currently in the final phase of my preparations for the CEH exam.

      Do you want some advice, just PM me. Going through those books once again is not an option and I think it is not effective, given your score!

      Cheer up, give it another try.


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      That’s too bad. I’m sure you will do better next time!

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