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      Hi Folks,

      Just wanted to let those of you based in the UK, looks like registration is open for the UK Cyber Security Challenge.

      There are different options to register for

      SANS Institute and Sophos Security Treasure Hunt
         *  Multiple choice questions that test their overall knowledge of the sector
         * A series of questions focused on how to discover flaws in a dummy website full of vulnerabilities that they must identify themselves

      QinetiQ Network Defence
         *  Stage one – critical assessment of a fictional business scenario and accompanying network diagram.
         * Stage two (Top two teams from each category only) – Face-to-face challenge at “The Portal” hosted at QinetiQ’s Headquarters in Farnborough. Teams must support and defend their network against attacks from cyber security professionals.
      DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge
         * The competition consists of approximately 25 different challenges forwarded to all participants, ranging from basic digital forensics techniques to advanced tool development.

      There’s a cipher page for a fun little intro challenge.

      The QinetiQ network defence sounds particularly good!

      Seems like a good way to get your foot in the door, there are some good prizes to be had! I wonder if Ed Skoudis had anything to do with the treasure hunt?

      Anyone signing up?

      Oops, registration might not officially open until tomorrow…

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      I signed up yesterday evening. ‘Broke’ the ‘cipher’ within an hour.

      I’m thinking I may have registered before it was officially open, I may have to re-register.

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      Looks like someone solved the first cipher puzzle, wasn’t as simple as it may have seemed!

      Phew – found & finished the real challenge 😀

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      Take it back, I didn’t solve the cipher.  :- There’s more to it than I originally thought!

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