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      I am trying to get some Traffic generator tools and wonder if you guys could help me.

      I am looking for the tools which can
      1. Generate just Volumetric protocol traffic ideally upto 10Gbps
      2. Generate malicious traffic
      3. Replay pcap files
      4. simulate network subnets

      I am open to anything Opensource, Commercial
      harware or software based.

      I have looked up these

      1. Microtik – traffic generator
      2. tcpreplay
      3. seagull
      4. Ostinato
      5. IXIA XM2

      If you guys can list any more for generating malicious traffic (Web attacks, Exploits, recon) would be great.


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      What about using something like Scapy to generate whatever custom traffic you want?

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      For straight traffic generation, you should look at Siege in Backtrack/Kali.

      For malicious traffic, you can find it…or recreate it in your scripting language of choice.

      The issue with both of these, if you are really trying to simulate an attack, is that it will appear to come from a single IP. You can also overcome this…

      For the pcap, you’ll have to run tcpdump or wireshark on the web server. So, there is no single tool to do all of this.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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