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      Hey everyone,

      So stupid me left his android tablet (wifi only) at the bank today, and it wasn’t here when I went back. Just out of curiosity what does everyone else use to track their lost tech?

      I was looking at android lost. But that’ll only help if the device manages to get connected to one of the few WIFI networks I had saved.

      p.s. the bank said they’d pull the tapes and see if they spotted anyone walking off with it. Haven’t heard back yet.

      p.p.s. I know I had it with me when I went in. I had my tax return check that I was cashing, inside the cover. 🙂

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      I was thinking something like Facebook’s session tracking, but that only shows the city/state, app, and the device used.  Or maybe Google’s Activity tracking, that gives you an IP address of the last bit of activity, the app and the date/time. 

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      What about Prey? Still depends on an internet connection being present and is defeated if the thief replaces/formats the hard drive.

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      Interesting on Prey. I’m looking at that now for my phone. I like how it says it’ll try to turn on wifi if no internet connection. I wonder how it knows to do that though.

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      So I’m looking forward to trying prey and android lost on my tablet when I get it back tomorrow morning. Don’t know how great they’ll do on a device without a cell service on it.  Still looking forward to playing with it.

      Yes I’m getting it back.

      I had to harass the bank, and finally call them out on how long they were taking to review the footage. Called them 24 hours after it was lost / stolen. “I’m sorry I do security for a living. I specialize in physical and network security, and it has never taken me 8+ hours to go through 45 minutes of video from multiple cameras. Hell I can recover logs for network breaches faster than you’re running through these tapes”.

      Two hours later they called said they spoke to the person who had it, and I’d get it back by tomorrow. Called 5 minutes before they closed to say they had it, and what time they open so I can get it.

      Factory wipe, and start new.

      Thanks for the suggestion guys, Prey and Android Lost are the first set of packages I’m putting on it.

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      Wow what a lucky break 🙂 Glad to hear you’re getting your device back. I myself am guilty of not installing tracking devices like that, although I do make an effort to ensure the device is encrypted.

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