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      Mark your calenders boys and girls! There’s a new show about real security professional (ethical hackers) airing later this month on CourtTV (TruTV).

      Tiger Team – NEW!
      Tuesday, December 25 at 11 and 11:30pm E/P
      This vérité action series follows Tiger Team – a group of elite professionals hired to infiltrate major business and corporate interests with the objective of exposing weaknesses in the world’s most sophisticated security systems, defeating criminals at their own game. Tiger Team is comprised of Security Audit Specialists Chris Nickerson, Luke McOmie and Ryan Jones who employ a variety of covert techniques – electronic, psychological and tactical – as they take on a new assignment in each episode. TV-PG L

      Additional links:





      radio spot mp3

      promo photo in flickr

      Can’t wait to see this. Hmmm… I can consider this a good Christmas gift.

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      Cool! Sounds like it should be at least a little interesting. I’ll definitely have a look at it. Thanks for the info! 🙂

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      If you missed the show last night, head over to courttv website to see the first episode:


      I personally like the second episode but I don’t think courttv is streaming it on their site.


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      I actually DVR’ed the episodes and just watched them last night. I thought they were definitely pretty interesting. It wasn’t as technical as I was expecting it to be, but the episodes were both pretty good.

      I did laugh a little at the first episode when the head guy (anyone ever heard of him, or the group, before?) came out and said “we are the best,” or something close to that. They definitely seem pretty good at what they do though, no doubt about that.

      I’m about to go search around for one of those card copiers 🙂

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      Yeah, I watched both episodes and was surprised on how much they were focused on physical security and social engineering.  I guess that makes sense since both targets were much more concerned about their material assets (cars, diamonds) than they were about info.  It’s kind of funny that the most damaging result of both break-ins were the possible theft of the personal/financial data of their customers.  I don’t think the owners had ever thought of that angle.  Oh, my wife watched it with me just so she could get an idea of “what the hell it is that I really do.”  :-  I had to explain that most of my clients won’t let us do the full bore break-ins because most of their sites are over seas.  It’s one thing to break into a car dealership in Beverly Hills than it is to break into a data center in Brazil.  The Cali cops will hopefully just tase you and take you to jail.  The Sao Palo cops are more likely just to shoot you.

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      This show is awesome!!!  My sister knows Luke and could not believe she saw him on T.V. doing such incredible break-ins.  She had no idea he was capable of this stuff.  I hope someone picks this show up besides trutv.  Maybe Tiger Team can replace Dog The Bounty Hunter!!! LOL

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      Don Donzal

      Just watched the 2 episodes, and all I can say is:

      This is the type of job we all dream about having. Whether we have the knowledge, ability or even the balls to do it, deep down, this is what we all want.

      See… good guys can have loads of fun and an adrenaline rush even with the get out of jail free card that is written permission. Hail to the white hats!!


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      Don Donzal

      Here’s another ChicagoCon 2008s teaser…

      I just couldn’t help myself. After seeing the 2 episodes of Tiger team, I just had to contact Luke McOmie, the computer expert from the 3-man team. I’ll spare you the details on hunting him down, but…

      Luke McOmie will be the featured keyote speaker at ChicagoCon 2008s on Friday May 16th. He will launch the “con” activities to take place Fri afternoon and all day Saturday. We will have 1 hour presentations this time, AND we will open it to the general public. We will also have breakout sessions, lunch, hacking contests and more.

      Details coming very soon!


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      Clay Briggs

      I haven’t seen anymore episodes of that show… was that just the two just a pilot for it?  Or has it already been cancelled?  I was liking it.

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      Cool! Nice job, Don!

      As for the show, it was only that one-night special. There’s a post/forum with it somewhere if you search the net. The response from TruTV was that it was only a special and that there will be no more shows at this time.

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      Clay Briggs

      Well that is sad, that is one of the few tv shows I would actually actively schedule time to watch.

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      Clay Briggs

      Thanks for the link, hopefully they take notice.

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      😀 Than you for the link watching it and yes the type of job I would like Thank you again for the link.

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