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      For those that took this course and possibly the certification, I have one question…

      What was the one thing that stood out to make this course worth doing?
      Thanks in advance!

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      I also have a question to add to those of you who took it. How does the final challenge work out? You VPN into your lab environment and  attack a  configured access point? or multiple access points?

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      I did a little research on this (course/connection).  looks like we would connect to their VPN and use their equipment to accomplish the task in the controlled environment.  Similar to the Pen Test course is to be.
      You can use your HW to test in your environment, off the VPN.

      That’s as much as I could get from a quick search.  Maybe someone will chime in that has taken the course and give more info.

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      The course content & the exam were both of note. 

      The exam.  The vpn into a backtrack machine works very well.  everything is setup for you and you get to use either the mad wifi of alfa cards.  I had been using the alfa cards so this was great.  I find practical exams so much more fun and engaging that written ones, so this stood out for me.

      As for the course, it was delivered by Muts, who is a very good instructor.  He takes you through the basics right thru to some killer techniques.  The videos are very good and the courseware is also very detailed.  The course was co-written by the main guy behind aircrack-ng suite so there is not shortage of microscopic detail.  A really excellet course.

      A few things to note.  unlike OSCP 101, you need to use your own kit. wirless card, access points, etc.  If you havent dont any wireless pen testing then this could be a bit of a learning curve, but there are plenty of resource to help you there (i.e. this forum ;o).  Also, the course has a heavy focus on the aircrack-ng suite.  This is not a bad thing and some other tools are also explored.  I find the aircrack-ng suite very complete but if you are used to using something else, remeber the practical exam is on aircrack-ng

      I hope that helps.  Let us know if you do decide to do it.  I think other forum members will be interested in your comments.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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