The ULTIMATE SANS Pen Test Poster!

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      @Ed Skoudis wrote:

      I am super excited to announce the release of our brand-new SANS Ultimate Pen Test Poster! Three months in the making, this poster is chock full of tips, tricks, ideas, tools, resources, references, practice environments, and much much more, all focused on helping penetration testers and related security professionals excel in their work.


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      Don Donzal

      I just got one in the mail with a booklet for SANS Network Security 2013.


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      How or where do you get one of these posters?

      Got excited and Jumped the gun I found it 🙂

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      From the webpage:

      So, how do you get a poster? Well, you can click on the links above to download them. For a printed copy, if you are at SANSFIRE this week in Washington DC, we have passed them out in each of the penetration testing courses. If you are at SANS FIRE and didn’t get one, ask me or another pen test instructor for one, and we’ll gladly hand one to you. Also, tonight at the SANS NetWars event at SANSFIRE, we’ll have some posters for you.

      Furthermore, the posters are being included in the SANS postal mailing of upcoming big brochures. If you receive SANS brochures in the mail, be on the lookout for one with the Pen Test Poster. I’ve heard some people started receiving them this week already. It’ll be bundled with the brochure, so look carefully, and don’t throw it away.

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      Not sure I’d call this an “Ultimate” poster – it’s mainly a list of common tools and methodology for conducting various kinds of Pen Test.

      Useful to download and look around though – especially if you’re looking for new vulnerable images to play around with.

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