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      About three months ago I was almost positive that I was just one step under elite hacker like in the movies. Someone taught me how to download torrents off of H33t and junkie and clamed them as my own. Yes, my dumb ass looked like a cool cyber punk hacker to my friends that didn’t have the computer genius like I did. 
          The funny thing about acting like a douchebag and not knowing it is that someone else always will. After doing my banking online one day I realized that something was wrong with my computer but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I had control over my computer but at the same time I didn’t??? Yep, believe it or not a REAL HACKER took control over my whole system and blocked me out of everything even changed all my passwords and went on my Facebook. The hacker elite got hacked himself. Oh, I forgot to tell you the most embarrassing part about my story, I’m 27 years old.
          Instead of being embarrassed for being taught a lesson I started getting scared and a little paranoid….. OK a lot of paranoia… Look at all the banking I do online including EBay, PayPal and everything else I have on there. So for the past three months I have been trying to learn as much as can about everything……. I had no clue that my computer skills that I thought I had was a complete joke and school is way too expensive for me to afford now.  Then I find this site, filled with people who do possess the knowledge for real and use it to protect the unprotected. Some of my fears have lifted but will never go away.
          My goal now is to teach myself the best I can using the internet and hopefully some of you. When I start to understand some of the basics I want to start a website as a side project with everything I learn being added as I go. I haven’t fully thought this idea out yet but it will come together. I bought a few books from barns and noble the other day called The Networking Bible, Hacking for Dummies, and Visual Basic. I don’t know if this is a good place to start or not. Knowledge is understandably expensive but I think it needs to be given to everyone who wants it.     

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      Hi and welcome to the hacker mekka:! when you get paranoid every time you login somewhere without using SSL, you are definitely in the right place! when fresh it does not matter where you start, so all information gathered is fine! eventually you want to learn more about a specific subject and then you will know where to look.

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      Thank you for being the first person to make contact with me here. I hope you’re the first of many friendly people I meet and learn from here. If you were in my shoes and had no clue what direction to go where would you start?? I don’t know if I want to make money focused on a career with any new knowledge. But I want to know all I can in every language a computer speaks. Lol Man I fell like a kid again, learning how to ride my bike better so I can play with the big kids.

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      What’s your previous experience with computers? Any programming, networking, system admin experience? Is your job related to computers or do you want to do this as an extra activity?

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      Welcome to EHN Tekno, I’m sure we can help quench your thirst for knowledge 🙂

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      Joe Simple

      Hey Tekno,

      I have found a great place to start is with programming (personally I chose to start with the language Python). It gives you a great lot of background knowledge into some of the basic ways in which a computer processes information which is invaluable knowledge.

      Another great place to start if you are almost totally fresh to the idea of computing and hacking is actually with college text books on the subject in England at my school we used the exam board AQA and their textbooks will give you a great start.

      After you sink your teeth into computing as a general topic you start to find things you are more interested in such as TCP/IP and individual languages such as C++ from there it is all about picking up a book with something you are interested in and just going for it!

      I hope that gives you some good starting point 🙂 Frankly though, start anywhere you feel comfortable and interested in and your knowledge will start to expand and grow.

      Joe Simple

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      Just begin to read all the post in this fourm and you will know a lot where to begin

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      Welcome TeknoGod,

      If you’re in for a bit more detailed and technical content, check out too which has some nice videos too you might want to check out. Stay away from the script kiddie communities and hopefully stay ethical too  ;D (Exploit-DB has a nice blog section with some very nice entries as well imho)

      Best regards,

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      Another good way to learn is to build yourself a computer lab. One machine with VMs will do just fine.

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