The Evaluation: Stage 3 – Execution of Testing

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      Rafal Los

      EH-Net - Los - The Evaluation: Stage 3 - Execution of TestingWelcome back. In the last few articles we discussed how to set up an evaluation that’s both defensible, provides value to your immediate needs, and, maybe, more clearly defined what good pizza is. In this edition, I’ll address the importance of the process of the execution of testing.

      We’ve already talked through defining the problem, and the success criteria. Now it’s time to actually run tests that will give you results you can defend and live with. The good news is, there are rules that govern this sort of thing, and they’re pretty good. I’ll break the sub-components of testing down into three parts: define the testing framework, execute with consistency, trust the results. Let’s talk through those here.

      [See the full article at: The Evaluation: Stage 3 – Execution of Testing]

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