The Evaluation – Four Phases to Finding "Better" Solutions

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    Whether you’ve spent your career in cyber security on the vendor/provider side or the enterprise side of the table, you’ve no doubt participated in th[See the full article at: The Evaluation – Four Phases to Finding “Better” Solutions]

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     Don Donzal 

    Or sometimes when there’s no clear winner yet the vendor tries to convince you that there is…

    You know, the finger?

    Just continuing the theme. 😉


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    Thanks for the article, and the upcoming series commitment.

    I like your identification of a four-phase process. Context will of course vary, but it is important that these phases are evaluated within a context of an organizational security strategy and the achievement of well-defined objectives. Considering a given problem, solution, test, evaluate sequence within the framework of a pre-defined security strategy reduces the tendency to skew each of those stages towards a favorable view of an identified outcome. Problem statements can otherwise be written with a given solution in mind rather than a given objective. Metrics chosen that support a given technology rather than organizational progress towards a performance objective.

    You obviously have more to write on the subject, and I look forward to the reading.

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     Rafal Los 

    My apologies for being slow to publish the rest…life has thrown a bit more than I could reasonably take on. Writing the follow ups as I write this…standby!

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