THC-Hydra 5.7 Released

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      Don Donzal


      A very fast network logon cracker which support many different services

      Last update 2010-06-14

      [0x00] News and Changelog

              Good news: hydra is now maintained again by me! (as of June 2010),
              and is now under GPLv3!
              another good news (for me): no more windows .exe cygwin port. So
              many clueless people hassled me why hydra.exe does not work for them
              when they double-click on it … duh

              And finally: a new version of hydra 🙂

      CHANGELOG for 5.7: (last public version was 5.4)
      * Added ncp support plus minor fixes (by David Maciejak @ GMAIL dot com)
      * Added an old patch to fix a memory from SSL and speed it up too from kan(at)
      * Removed unnecessary compiler warnings
      * Enhanced the SSH2 module based on an old patch from aris(at)
      * Fixed small local defined overflow in the teamspeak module. Does it still work anyway??

      Release 5.6  PRIVATE VERSION
      * Moved to GPLv3 License (lots of people wanted that)
      * Upgraded ssh2 module to libssh-0.4.x (thanks to aris (at) for the 0.2 basis)
      * Added firebird support (by David Maciejak @ GMAIL dot com)
      * Added SIP MD5 auth patch (by Jean-Baptiste Aviat jba [at] hsc [dot] `french tld’)
      * Removed Palm and ARM support
      * Fix for cygwin which falsely detected postgres library when there was none.
      * Several small bugfixes

      Have fun!


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      Nice, I love this tool!

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