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    The infosec community is tight, and even more so here, because we’re so focused. Being a member of this forum has paid dividends time and time again. This time, a fine gentleman (hah!  😀 ) who I will let remain nameless unless he wants to come out of the woodwork, answered a post I left up only briefly looking for work.

    Well, I’m pleased to say that that was such a fantastic lead (and i was talking to five or six companies), that I turned in my badge today after 10 years with a huge company that I’ve just come to be miserable at… after accepting a very exciting offer generated from this lead. It’s a small outfit (so far nobody i’ve talked to has heard of it), but they seem to be doing it right, and growing fast.

    Point of that is, I probably wouldn’t have heard about the opportunity if I was just using the standard search channels. The realization just hit me that i didn’t touch a job board or a recruiter this entire search cycle… all social media. Quite different from the search of 10 years ago.

    Anyway, thanks once again Don for providing a fantastic resource for our community, and to my new co-worker for the hookup!

    Everyone have a great weekend, and groovy vibes to all!  8)

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    In the sense that we don’t have a Facebook style ‘LIKE’ button…  😛


    And congrats, rance!

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    Congrats! Who’s the new outfit?

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    Congratulations, Rance!

    That’s a similar story to how I got my current position (different online community), but its always fun to see how those connections play out ’cause as you said “the infosec community is tight.”

    Good luck with your new digs!!!

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    Congratulations! Branding your real name by writing articles for various magazines, releasing custom tools, and research, exploits, etc. helps getting into the infosec industry as well.

    Sometimes you may have to travel to some of the big nations of infosec such as England, The United States, or even Australia, when you realise your own country doesn’t have any market, or only a very small market for penetration testing.

    I moved to Australia, which is like the other side of the world for me, but it was what I had to do, to get a job within infosec for a living  🙂

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    Congratulations! Pleased to hear you’re also escaping a job you were miserable in, far too many people just carry on.

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    Congratulations Rance. I’ll have to remember that in about 2 years, when my current contract is winding down. This time it was chased by a head hunter, next time I don’t know.

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    Congrats! Best of luck to you in your new digs.

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    Happy to hear that

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    Well done its always good to heard that people not only benefit from other people help and point of view but also are able to use the friends and contacts on here to progress their future.

    all the best in your new job!

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     Don Donzal 

    Great stuff. But another good lesson is that an opportunity is just that. Rance had to have the ability to take advantage of the opportunity presented to him.

    Either way, it’s kind of kewl to know that we had something to do with not just his career but his happiness.

    Well done,

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    Awesome, congrats!  Its important to be happy with what you are doing and where you are doing it.

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    Congrats, and Good Luck with your new job!

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    Very cool, congrats!

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