Thank You — Passed CEH with 96% :)

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      Thank you every body at EH-Net, for guiding my way through first step in this field.
      I came across EH-Net last November and after visiting forums as guest .. finally decided to join the community in Dec 08.
      The community advised me the correct way to learn and practice, build my own lab at home to have fun with most of the tools and cleared all my doubts for taking the certification.

      What Next .. with current job scenario. I might not find time to continue with next level of certification.. but will surely hang around in this space to get the most out of it ..
      Senior members – Help me deciding my next step. Can you provide links to the sections which are helpful to decide?

      For all the prospective Exam takers:
      The best way to prepare for exam is .. PRACTICE & PLAY….
      You may pass the exam with any of the dumps or study notes, but its no brainer and not at all fun...
      Follow the advice of Hero & Sr. Members .. You will enjoy every moment…

      Once Again THANK YOU !!!!

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      Awesome. Congrats!

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      Don Donzal

      Fantastic news and post. Well done, and I’m sure those who are taking the CEH soon wil appreciate your advice. Then again, that’s what its all about. You found help here, and now you are helping others.  ;D


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      Great job! Congrats on earning your CEH 🙂

      Aside from the lab, what else did you do/use to prepare? Did you take a class? Self-study? Did you read either the official courseware or the study guides?

      Again, nice work. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment and you should be proud!


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      Thank you Bill, Don & Jason for inspiring words..

      • I studied the Sybex Review guide and just flied through Exam Prep.
      • Also I took help from Counter Hacks Reloaded.
      • When I found few topics interesing / challenging I went to various open forums to get a grip over them.
      • Subscribed to various security feeds to keep myself updated. (I know I have just seen the tip of Iceburg )

      btw. I now need to continue this and looking for next level of certification. Can any of you guide me through this.
      I even read about CISSP and found it to be in demand? What are your thoughts on this?
      My current work profile is far away from all these and hence certification is the only way I can get in to this domain.

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      Michael J. Conway

      Congrats and welcome to the club.

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      Congrats on passing, and welcome!

      Now that you’ve passed your CEH, you’ve got a number of options, depending on where you want to take it.  I know you’ve said this is an outside domain, per your current line of work, etc.  It all depends on the time you’d want to put into it, and the areas which you feel you want to pursue.

      For instance, if you now have a decent understanding of a hacking mindset, if you want to continue and deepen your penetration testing skills, you might move on with ECSA/LPT or OSCP.  Or if are you leaning more towards the forensics side of things, you could move to CHFI and others.  If you want another highly industry-recognized cert, then CISSP is a good one.  I’m still finishing mine, to be honest, as it takes a lot of study time, and for that reason, it may or may not be the next step you want to pursue.

      Ultimately, it depends on both where you want your security knowledge and experiences to take you, and how much time you want to commit to study and learning.  This field is a wide-open book, with LOTS to choose from.  And you know you’ll continue to learn lots here, from, as the newest info is always flowing.

      I wish you luck in your future choices and endeavors, and again, welcome to the club!  If any of us on can help you along the way, I’m certain we will.

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      Thanks Hayabusa
      I am interested in CISSP and have already contacted them , but till now no reply. Could you help me understanding the pre requisites and the best way to approach this.

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      Replied to your message to me, directly, as well, but to keep the information for others’ use, too, I’ll post here.

      I’ve done nothing more, really, in my quest to finish my CISSP, than what’s detailed on ISC2’s ‘how to certify’ page:

      I’ve used the various vendors’ books, as well as reviewed numerous CBT offerings.  The one I feel the most comfortable with is the Shon Harris 11-disc set, from Career Academy.  Shon is one of THE foremost / well-known CISSP instructors, and she does an excellent job, in that training, of covering the various domains of the CISSP.  Additionally, she’s an active poster in the LinkedIn “CISSP Training and Study Materials” group, and has been very timely in answering some questions for folks, on there.  Would be well worth your time to join that group, if you have further questions.

      HTH someone.  😀

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