TCP/IP Illustrated Volumes 1-3

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      I was curious about this set of books considering I have heard many people still reading them now because of the foundation it builds. Amazon just recently released a 2nd edition of the series here

      I just wanted an opinion on the series since I just purchased Counter Hack reloaded and have been building up my collection of books to read.


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      I will buy it. I wanted to buy a copy of the original one, but the new one suppose to be updated.

      I am sure that everybody will have something to learn from it.

      I have at least 3 technical books in my cart at amazon, and I will buy them when I’ll finish the ones I already bought. 

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      TCP/IP Illustrated is the bible of TCP/IP, it goes depth in details, reading this book is not like reading any other one, you will never regret buying it, IMO its a must have book for every one who is interested in networks for beginners/pros.

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      You’ve resurrected a very old thread, but this deserves comment:

      I haven’t read the second edition of Vol I, but the original was one of a kind and is still worth reading even though parts are obsolete.  It’s probably the best technical book I’ve ever read.

      The second volume is a commentary on the source code and probably won’t be useful unless you’re building a TCP/IP stack or testing one.  If you really care about the low level details however…

      I think volume three is mostly obsolete.

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