Symantec Cyber Readiness Challenge – Minneapolis

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      Don Donzal

      Symantec Cyber Readiness Challenge – Minneapolis
      March 6, 2013
      Minneapolis, MN

      [align=center:36q392jg]Recruiting Security Experts Worldwide!![/align:36q392jg]

      Join the Symantec Cyber Readiness Challenge!! An interactive competition taking place online and at live events around the world where IT security experts will have the chance to test their skills and knowledge in exciting scenarios inspired by real-life security issues.

      The competition will take the form of a ‘capture the flag’ style cyber attack simulation, with players competing against each other to solve IT security problems. Players have the opportunity to win prizes and gain points PLUS the best players from the worldwide events will take part in the Cyber Readiness Championship!


      McNamara Alumni Center
      University of Minnesota
      200 Oak St. SE
      Minneapolis, MN 55455

      For more info on this and other Global Challenges:


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      I like how you wrote “Recruiting Security Experts Worldwide!!” while it’s not really true, as a lot of US-based companies won’t even consider hiring you unless you got a green card already and if you pay for your own relocation, then they might hire you. At least, that is how I have seen it was not long ago.

      In Sydney on the other hand, they do recruit security experts worldwide, but they also pay for relocation a few of them. (The companies)

      Plus, most of these events are almost always in the US too, flying there from Europe, Australia and many other countries costs quite a lot of money, especially for someone in non-security related job or any other job that doesn’t pay well.

      Just sayin’ my thoughts out loud  ;D

      Thanks for posting about this event Don, not ranting about you, only the event  🙂

      Edit: Didn’t see they’re also hosting this event in France, The UK (I guess I saw that too?), Italy (well, they got some hackers down there), Belgium (cool, but why? There’s a lot more hackers in Germany), and a few other places in the US.

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      Don Donzal

      As we do with pretty much every event listed in our Calendar, we post descriptions directly from the event’s web site.

      Either way, this does sound like a fun event. With a CtF with $$$ and other prizes and then the possibility of a job… what’s not to like.

      If you’re in the Minneapolis area, be sure to check it out tomorrow:


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