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      Hi all,

      Over the weekend I got email from someone who I don’t know asking me If I could provide him with some training material. In exchange he would give me the material for courses he has done.

      Of course I would never do this but would you contact the companies and let them know ?


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      White ghost

      Yes you right but you can give them your feedback

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      @Jamie.R – I have a feeling that the same person asked me for some ‘trades’, this morning.  My advice to you is to do what I did:

      Reply to them, explaining that trading copyrighted material is not only unethical, but illegal, as well.  Then, I reported the PM he / she sent me, to the mods, so that if the person continues, they can keep track of them.

      I could go on a LONG discussion here, but ultimately, it happens here, so often, that I’d be filling up multiple threads, too often, and it’s not worth the time or the effort.

      So again, if I were you, I’d simply tell them no, and report it to the mods.

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      I got the same email

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      same here

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      it was an email not a pm

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      I got the same thing.  Seems like people are forgetting the ethical part…

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      There was a thread posted awhile back with a guy asking the same thing (encoded his email address in his post).  Maybe it was the same guy scraping email addresses from the site and re-offering..?

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      I seem to recall personally pointing out that last guy, too (and noting he’d been trying, multiple times, both here,and elsewhere, based on his email address…

      It never ends, and all we can , do it continue to ‘educate’ them, and monitor / warn them for continued attempts…

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      @Jamie.R wrote:

      Of course I would never do this but would you contact the companies and let them know ?

      That’s the most morally correct thing you can do, so if you feel like doing this then you should  🙂

      It’s best to report incidents like this when it’s on a more massive scale, as not only is it illegal and unethical, you can also get in a lot of trouble as your name is watermarked in all of the material Jamie.

      (You don’t want your private details all over the Internet right?  ;D Also, if they find out, you’ll be stripped from all certifications and banned from taking any future courses and certifications.)

      Even I have been contacted at least 10 times, and it’s really annoying  :-

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      Don Donzal

      I PMed the member that contacted many of you, and they sent a response apologizing. Let me know if it continues, and I’ll simply ban them.

      Thanks for keeping the ethics of this community intact.


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      Yep, I got one too. If he apologized is because he thought that it was right.

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