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      Dear All,

      I am a fellow IT engineer, do not know much about infosec, however my fellow citizens are being attacked, prosecuted, kidnapped, tortured, killed, humiliated just because they decided to demonstrate against a war criminal dictator Qaddafi. you must have seen it in the news. he is using all his tools including chinese hackers from ZTE, and huawei to censor, block, and attack his opposition websites, and block the media from knowing the truth about what really happens inside. is it ethical to counter hack this corrupt system?

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      Don Donzal

      Short answer… not ethical. Anything breaking the law is unethical on both sides of any conflict.

      But in a place and time where lawlessness rules, I understand how this can be difficult, especially in the face of death (a real possibility in Libya especially when Qaddafi says he will only leave as a martar).

      It takes a lot more creativity, patience and a strict adherence to a moral code to fight back in an ethical way when your oponenet has no problem doing otherwise. But in the end, those who follow the example of Ghandi and MLK will eventually win, even if they don’t see the victory themselves.

      Either way you decide to go is your decision, and I don’t envy you or your situation. Thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


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      thanks, true patience wins

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      I have done a bit of research, now i am back again, how about what your state agencies are doing cross the continent or other countries when trying to chase an evidence. lets say a pedophile/child sex ring/terrorism ring. if they need permissions first they will get nowhere while the other side is still spreading his filthy/horror stuff and procedures. yes it is not 100% legal but it is ethical and it is a must to stop the bad propaganda and terrorizing people inside their homes, and if you ask me it is also legal as Qaddafi lost his legal status, credability, his international representations almost resigned and joined the 17Feb revolution, and i consider my self one of the 17 feb, i can not speak on behalf of them, however my voice how minor it is. is heard in the new system.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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