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      Hey guys, ive been reading some ebooks and some tutorials on securitytube and else. Ive have some experience in the networks field, SE, im starting with python and ive been messing around with metasploit and bt5.
      I want to start my way into the pen testing field but, im kinda lost in the dark with all the certs going on, i dont know from which to start, i know this may be asked 200 times a day but well, have to ask, sorry about it!.

      Another thing to consider, im lookin for e-learning, as i live in south america, and if possible, not 2 expensive certs, the USD its so expensive here! haha, thanks in advance.

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      I suppose it depends on your goals.

      1) Do you want to work for a company’s incident response team? Get HR friendly certs as well as technical certs.

      2) Do you want to work for a pentesting firm?

      3) On your own, as a consultant?

      I’m in a similar boat as you, and certainly not an expert. I am considering taking the PWB online course at offensive-security, once I get the time and $$.

      Search the forums, I found a LOT of answers to these questions by very qualified people.

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      hi bro, well, im lookin into the eCCP, attack secure course, ninja and samurai. Or the hacking dojo, for both the budget and the preparation of those i guess, but idk.

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      Those things you mentioned will help get you the knowledge, which is probably the better direction to start (than say perhaps getting your CEH first and then learn how to hack later).

      However, down the road you will probably want to start looking at any of the DoD 8570 certs as well, to get past the HR filters.

      jjwinter’s questions are extremely relevant; answering those will give you a better idea of what area to focus on, since there are so many different sub-topics within this field (and a ton of knowledge to go with).

Viewing 3 reply threads
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