Something from my archives, to be a reference for folks learning to ‘Info Gather

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    Somewhat handy reference (albeit a little dated), that has some ideas for folks who are ‘up and coming’ and learning about information gathering, etc.

    From our friends at the NSA:

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    That’s actually a really nice document. Well worth a bookmark and some time to read the whole thing, even for non-newbs. Nice find!

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    Thought some folks might appreciate it.  I stumbled on it while looking for a tool, one day (ended up coding my own, but…), and bookmarked it right away, after downloading it, of course!   😉

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    Thanks for sharing. I’ve only had quick look through it, but I intend to read through the whole thing when I get the time.

    I think it’s also worth mentioning that the official release is a result of a Freedom of Information Act request.  

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    Welcome!  Like I said, it’s a little dated (circa 2007’ish), and I’ve spotted a few things already that are no longer valid (like a couple of the sites for searches, that no longer exist), but the premise and ideology is all still valid, as well as plenty of info that DOES still apply.

    Also, check for other great resources, that have also been made available.

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