some Cipher that I found interesting..

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      I participated in NullCon CTF two days ago, it went better than expected.
      There was a cryptography question which carried least score among all but it was solved only by veryyyy few people, I couldn’t solve it. I thought maybe it’s an interesting question discuss.

      CipherText: Qssdsctes?dsspeouiuctiiouo

      Hint: 144122251532418, Another Interesting Hint: Interesting variant was used in the war between the states

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      Random guess, is it maybe one of these?

      Or a ROT-NUM?

      Of course, I presume the question mark is just a delimiter.

      If you post a longer version of this cipher, it would be a lot easier to crack I believe.

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      That is all the Cipher text thats given .  ::)

      btw it’s not Vigenere cipher or one time pad.

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