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      While looking through the Black Hat page, I came across the Social Engineering Pentest Professional (SEPP) course/certification.

      Anyone planning to attend it?

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      Chris and crew is also doing this class outside of BlackHat as well.  The first class in London is sold out, but there’s still seating in their Seattle class.  They’ve scheduled another class in the UK, and due to the amount of requests, they’ve schedule a class on the east coast US in Maryland as well.

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      it does sound good but like most good course comes at a price I am not in position at min to be able to afford it. At the moment I fill like a big kid in sweet shop and but i cant afford anything 🙁

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      I have a friend going to the Seattle class. I’m a bit envious, like Jamie R, I can’t afford it right now. I could probably save up the money, but more focused on college classes right now.

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      Don Donzal

      Hopefully all of you noticed the banner ad right here on EH-Net with the discount? If not, be sure to use coupon code EHSE12 for $199 Off this and any other SE course offered by Chris Hadnagy.


      PS – Did you also notice that Chris is now a regular columnist for EH-Net? It’s going to be a very cool 2012!!

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      Saw the banner. Missed the columnist bit. very cool indeed.

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