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      Now a lot of people might of heard of its a social platform install extension system.  How it works is a series of things. 1 a extension loaded to the browser.
      Now you can control what the user see’s what the user has access too and you can also control the ability to push notifications on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
      The software in itself is not something that has for payload but the ability to earn ad revenue. You have the choice of CPA (Click Per Action) and Adsense.  So you earn money and get the ability to market.

      Perks: you can control what the user see’s and can block content from users not being able to go certain sites. Stop popup’s and can stop execution of code such as payloads and other exploits.

      Can Post on Facebook Status (PR9)
      Can Post on Twitter Status (PR10)

      SEO = Made easy cause you can post on HIGH PR sites.

      Can Change ALL AD’s to be YOUR AD’s

      We added a few things like adding to the Chrome Store. Works for IE / Safari / FF / Chrome. So if your interested cause I know people here I won’t charge everyone full Price it will be 1/2 off to any member from EH here. Just email me at .

      Dru Mundorff

      p.s. If anyone wants to help on working on adding features and additional add on’s let me know via email –

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