So which countries need CEH CHFI at present

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      Hi I have CEH CHFI and Comptia Sec + I’m currently living in Ireland, I’m finding that there isn’t much demand for these certs at present but I’m open to travel, if anyone knows of reliable contacts in Dubai,London Australia or Canada or anywhere requiring English speaking Ceh Chfi etc could you advise me? ??? ??? ??? ???

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      I’d recommend joining Linkedin ( and joining a few of the Security groups such as Ethical Hackers, Infosec Careers, Information Security and more. If you search for the relevant groups you’ll find a long list available. Most Security related groups have a sub group for job openings or contracts posted mostly by recruitment agents and you can contact them directly for any opportunities.

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      These kinds of jobs are more available in USA or European countries .  You would not get some good offers from Dubai , if you get it will most probably be compliance+pen testing . Try different jobs sites and ofcourse linkedin but I am afraid that you wont be able to get sponsored work visa from the company unless you are distinguished person or have some thing extra-ordinary . 

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