Small UK pen testing event

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      Hi all,

      I do a lot free work for a group and in November we are running a small pen test event it cost about £30 this includes lunch but places are limited.

      If you have Facebook you can join out group YPISG to keep up with events.

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      Could be interested; only event I could find via the FaceBook group was for Jan2011. Do you have a direct link?

      What’s the location of the event?

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      The event has not been update on the website yet as they run a few events but most guys who do it work as well so they do it in their free time.

      It best to join the Facebook group but they also have website

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      So, no actual information regarding this event at present???

      Although I’m not sure I’m still a ‘young professional’ by the BCS’ definition (believe the cut off is 25?), and I’m no longer a member of the BCS (see here for reasons).

      I’d suggest moving away from Facebook as a primary communication method. I know plenty of infosec types that avoid FB completely on principal, or (like myself) maintain a clear separation between FB (for friends/family) and my professional life.

      Good luck volunteering and trying to get an event off the ground, hope you have more luck than my previous experience with the BCS.

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      There is a lack of CTF style events in the UK, always happy to see more being arranged so when you have some more details would consider attending, just depends on location etc.

      I do agree with Andrew though, Facebook isn’t the best place for advertising this sort of thing, I avoid most Facebook related things.

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      Yah the website is the best place but facebook is used to keep everyone uptp date.

      It will be in London

Viewing 5 reply threads
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