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      Don Donzal

      Winning Creative Entry for The Nightmare Before Charlie Brown’s Christmas submitted by Patrick Thomas:

      Twas the night before Christmas and the bytes were tucked in, each bit was in place, every ACK with its SYN.
      The networks with strung with Snort and with SNARE, on the off chance that APT soon might be there.

      Jack Skellington saw in the Ethernet port a chance to have some Metasploit sport!
      He slipped onto the network, with BackTrack in hand and then set in motion the pentest he’d planned.

      He sent on the network a simple request
      for DHCP details: an IP, DNS.
      Then to Metasploit he flew like a flash, he su-did to root and ran it from bash.

      A SIP OPTIONS scanner would start off the show!
      It could scan the whole subnet and then he would know:
      what VoIP server was there and what it’s design, and soon it came back: an Asterix line!

      Back to MSF, so lively and quick,
      to find the extensions, and then be a dick!
      More rapid than pings the phone numbers came, he smiled at fortune, and plotted his game.

      He loosed on the subnet ARP packets to fly, he unleashed a flood with a grin very sly.
      They went out by ones, they went out by twos they flooded the network with ARP-spoofing blues!

      He piloted UCSniff with smile aloof,
      and wrangled that network right under his roof.
      He drew in the phones with a stealthy confound, and man-in-the-middled in one single bound.

      He listen on calls, he heard adults speak, he let those calls finish after taking a peek.
      Then Lucy called Charlie and he knew in a flash, yes, this was the moment to sell her on cash!

      He spoofed a SIP BYE with a h4x0r laugh merry:
      that ended her call, and popped her pwn-cherry.
      His droll little mouth was drawn like a bow, and the next call he prepared, for “Charlie” you know.

      From Lucy again, with a Christmas day tiding, he SIP-Redirected to where he was hiding!
      His 301 packets bounced the call like much jelly, and he laughed a deep laugh, right down to his belly.

      He delivered his message of horrors and haunts, he cast over her mood with Halloween taunts.
      With a wink of his eye and a twist of his head, her filled up her thoughts with feelings of dread.

      If Linus was smart he’d segment the net
      then ARP-spoofing hacks he’d no longer fret, and snorty-Snort rules should bleet much distress when differing MACs share IP address.

      Jack sprang to his feet, and then gave a whistle, back to Halloween Town he shot like a missile.
      But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he sped out of sight,
      “31337 Christmas to all, and to all a good fright!”


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      That is so awesome I’m going to print it and keep it in my cube. 😀

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