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      Don Donzal

      We’ll be doing a little site maintenance tonight, so don’t freak. This is not the big change we’ve been talking about, just a little housekeeping and planning for moving the production environment. Some of it includes work on the db, so make sure that if you are posting something in the forums, just be wary of possibly losing it. We will put the forums in Maintenance Mode, so no one should be able to do anything, but putting it in that mode in the middle of someone joining or posting could make you lose that effort.

      We’ll try to do this as quickly as possible, but those are infamous last words. 😉


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      ZOMG!!! WE ARE DOOMED!!!!! Y2K!!! 12/21/2012!!!  AAAAAHHHHHHH….

      oh, here’s my wallet….

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      Don Donzal

      Believe it or not, all went so well, that I even forgot to come back to this thread and let everyone know. Now if the big conversion goes that well, then I think I’ll play the lottery soon afterwards.


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