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      I was wondering if you guys suggest taking this 10 day Pen Testing course that Infosec Inst offers.  I would be able take the test for possibly 5 exams.  Infosec is cutting me a decent deal and I thought it would be good to know.
        1.  CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker
        2. CPT – Certified Penetration Tester
        3. CEPT – Certified Expert Penetration Tester
        4. ECSA – EC-Council Certified Security Analyst
        5. LPT – Licensed Penetration Tester

      I don’t have any experience with these yet but my degree (grad May 2011) puts me into this area.  Hopefully by the time I have the money saved up I will also have my CHFI, CCFE, and my CCE. 

      Although I plan mostly on doing Forensics I think that I can expand my knowledge while the Navy pays (MGI Bill) pays for these classes and who knows the Forensics thing may not work out as planned.

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      It looks like an excellent course, and that’s going to be how I’ll be spending my 2011 training budget. It prepares you for those five exams, but it only includes vouchers for the CEH, CPT, and CEPT. There’s going to be a lot of programming and exploit development, so be sure that you’re at the level you need to be for that. I’m not, which is why I’m going to be hitting The Shellcoder’s handbook and Hacking: The Art of Exploitation (2nd) hard until my funds come in.

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      See that’s what I need to know.  Programming is not something I am great at.  But then again I have only taken a few courses.  SO maybe if i get into it I cold get a better grasp of it.

      Now the exploits they are talking about.  What exactly do they mean.  Are they speaking of like a unknown backdoor?  I wold assume that all the exploits have been exploited since windows and Linux have been out for years.

      Can anyone explain it a bit deeper for me?

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      First, who told you that gi bill will pay for these?  I have gi bill and getting them to pay for anything has been like pulling teeth.

      I know two people who took this class.  They both had differing opinions.  I think this depends on the instructor.  As for exploits, I think they had to develop exploits for custom services.  They also did case studies of how some well known exploits were developed.  Good course overall.  If I find out that gi bill pays for it, I’ll probably take it this year.  Please let me know your mileage with the VA.

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      Well technically the money from the MGI goes into my checking acct and then I pay for it that way.  But it’s still their money.  I have already paid for Security + through infosec this past Aug and I leave for their Network + class next week and leave for Wash DC the week after.

      I just did the swap to the new Chap 33 MGI last night since my Chap 30 is exhausted this month.

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      Anyone else?

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