Should I Go For Another Certification?

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      Hi Everyone,

      I’m new here.  Thanks for providing this great resource.

      I’m currently in the early stages of a career change into information security.  I have three years’ experience of helpdesk/network support but I have spent the last three years teaching english abroad.

      My BA is irrelevant to IT but I am currently working on my masters in information security.  I recently got my network+ cert and will have security+ by the end of the month.

      Most of my coursework can be completed online, so I am thinking about starting the job hunt for entry level work after I get my security+.  However I am in a position where I can keep my head low and supplement my graduate education with more certifications if that would be helpful.

      So what should I do?  I understand that education is no substitute for experience but I want to get any certifications that will be helpful for my job hunt.  I am particularly interested in the Certified Ethical Hacker exam. 

      Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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      you cant beat experience. It depends where about your located as some cert are more important in certain country. In the UK CREST and TIGER cert are what most companies look for where in the USA I think CEH is more common as well others.

      so if you are in the UK try got for team members cert with CREST or Tiger they be about £1500 but should help a lot if you in the USA I let one guys from there tell you what certs are best 😛

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      Hi Jamie,
      Regarding the Tiger scheme (associate level), is there any books available to prepare, or only it has to be taken thru training institute. I’m trying to gather some information on that and not able to get it, I believe you do have plans on CREST/Tiger, Can you shed some light please….(may be you can PM on this information if possible)

      Sorry, I’m not hijacking the thread, since the topic came along, i posted it…


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      Thanks for your response, Jamie.  I am in the USA. 

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      CEH will satisfy the HR folks, but the material is not always the most up-to-date.  Your best bet would be to finish the degree if you are not in desparate need for work.  Look for a Security Analyst or lv1 SOC job so you can start building the experience up.  While working go for the CEH, it can be done online or self study from a few resources.  With Info Sec, experience is much needed regardless of what HR might say.  Good hiring managers will want to see that you can actually do the work and not because the piece of paper vouches for it.  If you want some certs that actually give you some awesome skills and knowledge you will want to look for the GIAC certs (pricey but find a company that will pay), eCPPT and OSCP are pretty decent.  HR might not know the certs but if they see lots of letters after your name they might assume you are a big shot 😉 

      Also try to get with a recruiter so they can talk you up.  Don’t be afraid to go for a job because they are looking for a CISSP, go for it and emphasize that you may not have said cert, but you have the experience.  I have found that if your job history shows related positions, then you certainly look better than the CISSP who has almost no real experience but had a lot of time and money to take cert courses 😀

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