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      hey guys, i recently picked up an openpandora, a little arm v7a angstrom linux palmtop. i figured id see what tools i can get working on it. so far metasploit runs without a hitch, and i can get set the wlan to monitor with a driver the one of the op devs ported (no packet injection yet however), but SET has yet to work for me and im not quite sure what im missing although im sure its something simple. has anyone ever gotten an error when they try to run set like

      username:/opt/set/$ ./set
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File “./set”, line 18, in
          import set
        File “src/main/”, line 17, in

          except: reload(core)
      NameError: name ‘core’ is not defined

      ive used SET on a bt virtual machine, a bt laptop, and also an ubuntu laptop and have yet to come across this. any ideas anyone? thanks!

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      Curious how you installed it, I did a while back with the SVN from and it worked flawlessly on my pandora.

      Giving it another try now to see if i get the same issue as you.

      EDIT: This guy had the same error fix was svn update

      Something came up, will have to try this out later on.

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      ah another pandora owner! well its good to know that it will work. i installed from svn, i think ill give it another go in a couple minutes. i have read that post over at the bt forums but the svn is up to date. do you recall that firmware level your pandora was at when you installed it? i was wondering if that had anything to do with it. im running hotfix 5 off an 8 gig sd card. i installed fast track from svn and that installed pretty well so it only seems to be affecting my SET install for whatever reason.
      im gonna keep at it, if you have a chance to try let me know what you come up with. thanks!

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      Worked for me – HF5, I’d just delete and start SVN again.

      Let me know what other tools you play with on the pandora.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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