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    Hi Everybody,
    I’m starting to prepare for Ethical Hacking cert – C|EH or OSCP haven’t decided yet.
    Can somebody recommend webcasts/podcasts for self study?
    I also want to use it for my CISSP CPE credits.


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    While not directly related to the CEH, Security Now! is a great security podcast. It helped me to ace my Security + certification. There is a lot of good information in there on encryption, DDOS protection (He was DDOS many many years ago), how TCP works at each layer, etc. There is over 6 years of podcasts there. 1 per week. They are on #397 as of this posting.

    If you want some good free CEH training videos, check out

    I would suggest the All In One book as a good source as well.

    Good luck,


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    This site is full of goodies!!

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