Seeking cyber security mentor for my son


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      Hi, my 11-year old son is independently studying cyber security, ethical hacking, pen testing, etc and we would like to find a person to help mentor and support his growth. This would be a paid engagement that we can do remotely, perhaps once a week.

      He is a very attentive and polite young person on the shy side of the spectrum.

      Would love hear from you if this could be a fit. Thanks very much!

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      App security is a big topic and deserves a post of its own. There are numerous ways an app can be secured, and an effective way of doing so is way more complex than simply creating a good app. So let’s just say, don’t launch an app without having tested it. The penetratie test is the best program where experts are checking your app and finding all weak points. Also, they improve your security system, making your app the best. I work with these guys since 2018, and I can assure you that they are the best on the market.

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