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      I am in Houston, TX with a BS in Physics, computer programming skills, A+ cert, an interest and basic understanding of networks, operating systems, and security, and a desire to move into computer security in the next few years.  MS in IT is in progress (6/2010).  My job experience lies mostly in seismic engineering/geophysics with only minor interactions with an IT department, but I have probed systems and implemented programming to create highly successful scripts in VBA, bash, and DOS.  I am looking for leads to get into the IT field, and am willing to consider relocation with the right opportunity.

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      Good luck!  Working on your degree will be your best asset.  I would recommend working through your school to see if you can get an internship.

      I would also recommend focusing on other technical forums, as EH-Net tends to be more specialized in security related issues.  I’m not trying to kick you out the door, just want to set your expectations.

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      Get your foot in the door.  I started with a minimum wage job in IT and found I was able to quickly prove my abilities and move up.  Its difficult to get noticed with just a resume, and it is much easier to get quality time with IT decision makers once you are on the inside.

      Good Luck!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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