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      I’m sure that many here will be aware of Vivek’s excellent video series on various aspects of security.  He has started a new series which deals with WLAN security and how detailed knowledge of this subject can be of use to pen testers.  There are four videos in the series so far and, if his previous series are anything to go by, I’m sure that there will be many more to come.

      As expected, the videos start with the basics and build in a logical manner.

      Disclaimer: I’ve nothing to do with Vivek’s site, other than being an avid follower of his work!

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      Yeah, this series is great so far.  Great intro to not only WLAN security, but Wireshark as well!  I’m looking forward to the upcoming videos in this series.

      These are the first videos I’ve seen on SecurityTube, but I really like Vivek’s way of teaching things.  Easy to listen to and understand.  I’ve just started making my way through his Metasploit megaprimer also.

      No links were given in the OP’s post, so I’m adding them 🙂

      Wireless LAN Security and Penetration Testing Megaprimer

      You can see a list of all the “megaprimer” series, including the Metasploit megaprimer, here.

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      @Ignatius and @lorddicranius  Appreciate the post! Looks like you beat me to it 🙂

      Here is a quick breakdown of the videos:

      1. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 1: Getting Started

      2. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 2: Bands, Channels And Sniffing

      3. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 3: Pwning Beacon Frames

      4. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 4: Dissecting Ap-Client Connections

      5. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 5:Dissecting Wlan Headers

      I would be adding around 15 more videos by the end of this week to finish the primer.

      I am open to suggestions and request for topic additions from the EH community. You can post them on this thread or leave a comment behind on the video page, and I will try and include it in the course.

      Feedback +/- happily welcomed 🙂


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      Goodness Vivek – I don’t know how you find the time.  It must be almost a full-time job putting these videos together!

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      Hi Vivek

      It’s really nice of you to put up all those videos  :), Security Tube is really a good source for valuable ecurity videos. Yet to watch this WLAN Security MegaPrimer.. I think it will be good, as all of ur other primers are  ;D

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      Thanks guys!

      Here is the latest set of additions to this megaprimer:

      6. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 6: Pwning Hidden Ssids

      7. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 7: Laughing Off Mac Filters

      8. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 8: Hacking Wlan Authentication

      9. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 9: Hotspot Attacks

      10.  Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 10: Hacking Isolated Clients

      11. Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 11:Alfa Card Kung-Fu



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      Your timing is awsome as i’m on the last few chapters of the ‘hacking exposed – wireless’ book and am looking at signing up for the backtrack WiFu course later this week.

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      Your mega-primer videos sit in a folder on my desktop for easy access when I have ‘a few minutes’ waiting for the wife to get ready or during commercials on TV – I just pop one on for a quick review. 

      Excellent job as usual Vivik!  ;D


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