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      The PowerShell for Pentesters course aims to bring PowerShell goodness to the information security community. Focus of this course is on using PowerShell as a platform for penetration testing, red teaming and security research using a hands-on approach with a balanced learning curve. This course aims to change your approach towards Windows security testing.

      The course will start on November 20th and costs $150/200.


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      how much power shell does one need to know before taking this course? The SANS powershell hacking class says the first day is spent teaching Powershell.

      I’m interested in something like this, but know zero powershell.

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      I haven’t taken the course, but from the website:

      6. Is this Course for Novices or only for Experts?

      This course is for both. The language basics and PowerShell programming, which form almost half of the course, are covered with patience and keeping in mind the students, who have, no or very little prior programming experience. During the part where application of PowerShell in penetration testing is discussed, the course gathers speed and even expert users will learn new concepts and applications of Offensive PowerShell.

      So it seems that if someone has no prior experience with PowerShell it should be fine.

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      Yea, I would like to read a review of this training.

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      You can find a couple reviews through Google, for example here.

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      I should ask Dreadlock, have you had any success in court on anything with your approach?

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