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    Anyone have an email or other POC for I enrolled in a course but haven’t gotten access yet, nor communication beyond the initial automated email.

    How long did it take for your access?

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    I have a subscription with, which is the same company. From looking at my e-mails it was slightly less than 24 hours from when I made the initial payment to recieving the registration details.

    SecurityTube: Contact Us

    How long have you had to wait so far?

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    They sent it late this evening, thanks!

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    We already discussed the basics of the Padding Oracle Attack in a previous video. In this video, we will look at a proof of concept on a ASP.NET application.

    This proof-of-concept exploit performs a Padding Oracle attack against a simple ASP.NET application (it can be any application) to download a file from the remote Web Server. In this example the proof-of-concept exploit downloads the Web.config file.

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