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      I’m currently studying for the CISSP but I would like to take the Security+ beforehand to make sure i’m on the right track.  Has anyone taken the Security+ recently and if so could you recommend a study guide?  There are many on Amazon but the reviews are quite poor.

      Many thanks.


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      This site
      this has a ton of good study guides and practice questions, im using it my self to pass the exam.

      good luck

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      Well SynJunkie…looks like we are in the same boat because that is what I am doing currently as well.

      I am using the Exam Cram Book to study and it has been great so far.  When do you intend on taking the Sec+ exam?

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      I have a holiday coming up, so my plan is to study as much as possible and take it in the next 8 weeks.  I have a pretty good idea of the types of questions and I think after a week or 2 of good studying I’ll be ready.  I’ve been taking some of the practice tests at for the CISSP and i’m averaging about 90% on the domains I have studied so far so hopefully i’ll do okay.  Following the Security+ i’ll get my head back in the CISSP study guide.

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      If you’ve got a lot of studying done for the CISSP, and seem to be getting it, you shouldn’t have much trouble with the Sec+.

      It’s basically a watered down version of the CISSP, though it may have a few more technical questions on it.  At least such was the case when I took them both a year ago.

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      The Security+ is a lot deeper in certain areas than the CISSP.  I used the Security+ in order to work on my MCSE: Security, and I got it during the time I was studying for the CISSP.  I found that some of the stuff on the CISSP helped however the Security+ certification seems to almost assume that you have the knowledge of the Network+ stuff because all of the review material was much more focused on the technical side of life rather than the policy side of life like the CISSP.  While I know that folks will probably frown on this, I studied for the Security+ using the Exam Cram book because I’d already been doing this stuff for a while and I wanted to figure out where I was lacking knowledge and fill in the gaps.  If you are studying for the CISSP and have some real world experience, that may not be a bad way to go, and then the areas that you are missing you can probably find good references on the internet to augment your knowledge. 

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      I haven’t taken the Security+, but I’ve been looking at doing so. One thing to note is that they have a new exam as of this year. Out of the 41 exam objective areas listed, 13 have new/updated content, according to CompTIA. You might want to review the latest exam objectives if you are planning to take this. Most of the free resources that I’ve seen on the Security+ are based on the 2002 exam.

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      You might check with your local chapter of the ISSA and see if they have a cram session for either or both. The chapter here does sessions for both, I think a couple times a year.

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      I used the Security+ Study Guide from Syngress Shinder Books. Very good IMO and came with a disk that had a practice exam engine. Worked for me.

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      I just took this test yesterday and scored 895 out of 900. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and now I’m studying for the bridge exam. I plan on taking that one as soon as I can.

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      Congrats ServerDude 😀

      What resources did you use to study for the exam?

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      Darth Que

      Severdude, grats on your score.

      Quick question. Which is the more natural progression going from System Administrator to Network Security or going from Network Analyst to Network Security? So, if you are trying to break into your first security job should you shoot for System administrator and get a Security+ and MCSE or go for Network Analyst and get a CCNA and Security+?

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