Security researcher hacks police records.

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      Here is a great write-up of a group of security professionals playing urban golf in Seattle.  Basically, a pub crawl while hitting a foam ball down the street.  An innocent bystander was hit with the ball and called the police.  Eric Rachner, who was with the group refused to ID himself and was promptly arrested.  The charges were dropped and the case thrown out, but not before they police said the video of the incident was lost.  Rachner, with the help of his lawyer, reviewed the video systems documents and found there is a log of all the video activity, he requested the log and found the video was not deleted.  Police eventually turned over the video.

      Also involved with the group of 20-30 people, was Dan Kaminsky.  I wonder who else was there and why they were all in Seattle?

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      hmm…seems like a wierd story…like in the wrong place at the wrong time…

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