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      Hi guys,

      I’ve been interviewing lately and went as far as the 2nd interview twice on Security roles for large companies. These aren’t guru roles (which will suit me  ;D ) i.e. they’re not senior but now I have another in the next few days with another large multinational no names mentioned but suffice to say they sell books ;), does anyone have any advice for me , the first Interview was tricky enough fundametals of networking through to attacks defense and encryption incident response,  I’m hoping to at least do well but this is obviosly going to be the b&&tch questions. Any ideas of questions answers would be great … I’d love the job as it is direct security….any help greatly appreciated :-X :-X :-X :-X

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      I would guess a second interview may be more interpersonal than technical.  I would be prepared for questions about your work ethic, attitude, and knowledge about the company rather than even deeper security questions.

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      Yep, you did well enough in the technical review, now they want to see how you do with soft skills.  Be honest, don’t try to bull shit them.  They will probably ask you how to deal with people and such.  If you are doing IR, you may have to confiscate a user’s computer for investigation.  So they will want to know how you would handle yourself.  The user may not know they are being investigated and you may not be aloud to talk to them about it nor do they want you to tip them off. 

      That kind of stuff, how do you prioritize?  Project management skills?  I’ve met some super smart people who couldn’t present a blank paper to a room full of statues.  Good luck on the interview!  Keep us posted.

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      I had 5 1-hour phone interviews for a Security Engineering job with a large company that sells books before I flew to Seattle and interviewed with more people.  All the interviews were very technical.  The only stuff I didn’t know was about routing.

      Honestly, after going there, it didn’t seem like that great a place to work.  Meaning even if I had gotten the job, I don’t know if it would have been worth all the phone interviews and flying to Seattle for 3 days.  Plus it would have cost me more money to buy books because of tax if I worked there. 😉

      That being said, study up on routing and good luck.

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      Don Donzal

      How’d it go, dimo?


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      How did the interview go?

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      3xban gave the best interview advice, ever. Never BS. I think it’s way better to say “well, ya know, I don’t have a lot of experience in that, but it’s something that’s always interested me and i’ve wanted to learn it.” as opposed to BS’ing a way through your answer. Because that answer might lead you to being put in a position of doing that work, then what?

      I had a technical interview last night. I was asked about pen testing VPNs, and I just straight up said “well, i’m not gonna bs you, never touched it once, and have only done cursory reading on the practice.” He totally appreciated the honest answer instead of trying to fumble my way through impressing him.

      It’s okay to say “i’m weak here” as long as you show an interest in and and aptitude for learning something.  While most job listings have an impossible laundry list of qualifications that maybe only a few infosec super heroes possess, they know you’re not going to hit 100% of those qualifications. 

      Again, just be honest. It takes the pressure off of you, and if they say no, then you may have just avoided being thrown in to work that would actually be detrimental to you or your career.

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      @rance wrote:

      Again, just be honest. It takes the pressure off of you, and if they say no, then you may have just avoided being thrown in to work that would actually be detrimental to you or your career.

      ++1 (to both Rance and 3xban)

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      Yes I agree its not worth BS as most of the time the person doing the interview know his stuff and will will get caugth out. On the other hand I think its ok and really good if you say I dont know this area too much but this how I would approach it.

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