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      I’m new to this site, looking for someone who will be able to answer some questions I have. I’m not sure whether you’ve heard of this before…but I think my phone, pc, and wifi router has been hacked by my neighbours. They are using these tactics to act out an incredibly sick obsession.

      They just locked me out of my own email addresses for about an hour. I believe that they’ve done this in the same way that they’ve got administrator privileges on my fiber router…by viewing my passwords, and changing them to their own advantage before I can.

      So I could use VPNs, it won’t really matter when I’m on a network that they control, and gives them the ability to see everything I do. For example, I use Ghostpress for key-loggers, and they’ll actually scream the new password changes to me out of their windows every time that I change them.

      They also holler/comment on the things that I’m doing on my computer to me from next door, to notify me that they have control over it, and that I’ve got no data privacy. They are even able to name certain things that they’ve stolen from my computer…all from an open window.

      These types of people have obvious malicious intentions, and there’s no telling the type of damage that these obsessive types can get away with. Do you have any tips or advice?

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