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      Hello all,

      I am seeking some advice, a little backround is in order.

      I am currently working with the US military overseas, and I have just started school (WGU, BS-IT Security). When I originally started processing for school, I was in the states, and things were much simpler. 🙂

      Anyway, i’ll try to only include relevant details; I got over here and I have been blessed to have all kinds of opportunities thrown my way, good experience, good co-workers, motivation for certification and job training, i’ve been offered the use of a CCNA lab at work, they have plans to have me do server admin next year, ect. and ect.

      The only thing that doesnt seem to be rolling is school. The school itself isnt the issue, but I think the time zone difference is a big problem. In addition, getting a testing center has been a hassle. The biggest issue however seems to be that I have no time to study. I have been studying for the CCNA, which I am supposed to take this semester, but i’m supposed to study math and English first (and I suck at math). Long story short, math and english is not a motivator for me at this point.

      And finally I want to get some hacking certs by the end of this overseas tour. Originally I wanted to do CCNA by Nov31, and CEH in a month, by I dont think that is realistic with my job tempo this month. I think this overseas tour and the start of my stateside tour will be fantastic learning opportunities, I just dont think I can manage school in there. FYI, I will have a few years after I get back to go back to school.

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      You seem extremely motivated to get your certifications and build experience right now. It also seems like you’ve been extremely successful with that.  Studying for certifications is just as intense as studying any other subject in school. Since you have misgivings about math, and english isn’t motivating you, I honestly believe you’re going to risk burning out if you try to pursue your BS.

      Given your situation, I’d take full advantage of the co-workers, lab, and the plans of your superiors. Keep moving forward with your certs.

      But take my advise with a grain of salt, my own BA is in Literary Studies. It’s nice to have a degree, but it’s my experience I rely on.

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      thank  you both for your imput. In the end, I think waiting is the best choice. At work they started pushing for me to get promoted, so now I have to study other things that would have taken me away from school.

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