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      Hello to everyone.

      I have been intrested in the concepts surrounding hacking and programming for a few years now, and will soon be entering university to study an IT segree, soon branching into the Security sector, and later, becoming a penetration tester.

      I would like some input on where I may start gaining more knowledge on networking and the sorts.

      I am almost finished an amature Java program for my practical assessment task in matric, which browses a LAN for ‘alive’ IP addresses, and soon will be mentioned on its completion.

      Thanking you,
      N15M0 🙂

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      Welcome!  You have come to the right location!  Browse the forums and you will find lots of information.

      Link 1:,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,2262.0/
      Link 2:,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,2186.0/

      Besides that, just find out what excites you and dive in.  Post questions here if you get stuck.


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      Welcome to the forums! You’ll find plenty of help here as long as you sound like you’re putting in effort! Good luck on your program!

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      I would definitely recommend going through the videos and exercises on to get an idea of which particular area interests you the most.

      Each piece of the jigsaw is an art in itself and finding an area in which you stand out is definitely going to help you in the future.

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      Fantastic! 🙂

      I will soon be attending some Information Security confrences to further expand my knowledge.

      Thanx for the help, much appreciated!

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      If you have the money, try taking the classes at It’s very affordable and your access to the material lasts a lifetime, so there is no time constraints. Great info on System, Web and network security.

      EH-Net offers a 5% discount.

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      Participant IMO is a bit advanced stuff for a beginner.What prior skills do you have?

      Since you asked about where to gain networking knowledge, I;ll keep my answer to this only. If you want to do some certificates, which you should do, then I would suggest starting out with Network+. It’s a good entry-level networking certificate. Study for it even if you don’t want to take the exam. Then you can start preparing for CCNA. I’m myself studying for it and the stuff included in its syllabus is fabulous. I suggest going through RFCs. They might appear formidable at the beginning, but once you get in the habit it’ll be like drug. You’ll want to refer to RFC for every networking problem you face. Start with this one it’ll give you a basic overview of TCP/IP.

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      Fantastic, thank you for the advice!

      Concerning my prior skills, in the future I am aiming to become a penetration tester, i have much programming knowledge in Java, and i have read through Hacking For dummies( the new 3rd ed and the past Hacking For dummies printed in 2004). I have also read through and examined a Security+ book, and countless other programming and cryptography books. I have basic networking knowledge, such as the workings on TCP/IP and the sorts, such as sockets and the related topics. I am also on the look out for any Network+ books I come across in libraries. Thank you very much 🙂 I have read that site, and it has improved my understanding of these protocols, i really appreciate the information

Viewing 7 reply threads
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