SANS vLive vs Onsite Training?

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    I’ve taken onsite instructor lead SANS courses in the past and I’m thinking about taking my first vLIVE course. Has anyone ever taken a vLIVE course and would you recomend it?



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    I’ve taken both. Each format has its strengths and weaknesses.

    Live pros:

    • Networking opportunities
    • One on one access to the instructor
    • Natural language/body language
    • SANS @Night and other extracurricular activities

    Live cons:

    • The most expensive way to train
    • Time away from your family
    • Lost productivity at work
    • The sheer amount of information thrown at you in 6 days’ time

    vLive pros:

    • Slow pace fosters more in depth understanding
    • Feeling of disconnectedness seems to make the students more willing to work together
    • Less expensive with no travel costs

    vLive cons:

    • Evenings are shot on nights of the class
    • Less networking opportunities…there’s only one class
    • Some topics can feel disjointed with the shorter class meetings

    Edit: I meant to say that I would highly recommend the vLive format. I was weary at first, but after about week 1 I decided I really liked it!

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    Thanks for detailed response. I’m leaning towards the vLIVE right now.


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