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    I am thinking of attending SANS 504 (SEC504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling) with Instructor: Jonathan Ham – SANS Chicago 2013

    Did anyone attend this course recently – what do you feel about this course?

    Thank you in advance….

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    The course is great and Jonathan Ham is great. You can’t go wrong with either!

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    thx ziggy. I have to take GCIH after (my company pays only after passing the exam) – i am sure the SANS course material is going to be great, but Is there any good books for general GCIH prep?

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    A month or two ago, I posted a brief about my method and resources used for my GCIH journey in the below thread.

    Hope that is useful for you.

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    I just recently took it, though had a different instructor. You can go into this course knowing nothing (I had a few people in my class who were in this boat). Know some Linux will help, but they teach you some basics on day 1 in case you don’t know any. My best advice would be to make a good index of the books for the test, and don’t rush through it. With 4 hours to take it, you can almost lookup every question if you have a very good index.

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