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      Has nayone taken the GCIH course from SANS via there “@Home” nightly once a week lecture /class for three months method? It looks pretty good and is quite a bit cheaper than going to a conference. So, I am curious if anyone has any recent (2007) experence with the SANS @Home course method especially the GCIH?


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      I have attended the GCIH course at a conference with Ed and I can say it was amazing and very informative. I had no idea who is leading the SANS @home course but i Believe that the course material are the same as that of conference.

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      Ed is teaching the @Home course.If I took the conference course it wouldn’t be with Ed Skoulis

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      Hi Galaril,

      I took the on demand course which was ran by Ed Skoduis and it was great.  Very informative and it was nice to have the lectures as MP3 files.  I loaded these onto my iPod and listened to them during my daily commute.


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      Hi everyone,

      Can anyone please guide me for GCIH


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      All your questions will be answered @


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      I’ve taken several SANS@home course and thought they were all great, especially the GCIH class with Ed Skoudis, he’s an amazing instrustor.

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      Thanks for your confidence in Ed Skoudis.  I’m slated to take his GIAC Penetration Testing course this summer through the @Home program. When you took your first @Home course, what were your concerns/ fears?

      My biggest fear is not being able to gauge what the other students are thinking/ feeling. I’ve been in classroom settings many times before and usually if I see another student uncertain about a topic I’ll speak up and have the instructor go a little more in depth so that everybody can understand it.

      My other biggest concern is the hands on part. How is this handled in the online classroom setting?


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      Hi davekoob,
      I have taken the class with Raul Siles, he is also a good SANS instructor specializing in wirless among different things. however i have listened to Ed classes over the selfstudy material provided with the course.  if i would reccomend something regarding this class is that be prepared. one preparation is to read the “counter hack reloaded” it covers most of the 2nd-5th material, it does not cover the 1st day material which is about incident handling. and if you don’t understand a thing then use the class time to ask the question, and get more in depth knoweledge about the broad subjects that this course presents. if you are interested in the certification most of it is from the book, however pay close attention to the talk and what is emphasized, and what is given a low value  😉

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      Hi Davekoob,

        Cool, I’ll be taking the pen testing class as well, see you then 🙂

        As far as being able to gauge what the other students are thinking/feeling, it depends.  @home now uses a virtual classroom software program that will display the presentations and stream the audio.  It also has a chat feature which the students use to ask questions.  So if the students are willing to “speak up” in the chat, then you’ll get a sense of what they’re thinking/feeling, otherwise you obviously can’t see the expressions on the students faces.  The virtual classroom is a lot better than when I first took the incident handling course – back then questions to instructor were via AOL instant messenger – which Ed was good about reading the questions aloud, but you didn’t see the question yoruself.

      The hands on part – again, it depends – on how they set the pen testing course up.  When I took the incident handling class a few years ago, the weekly course work you had to do off-line on your own (testing on your own test network, etc) – however, the last two weeks of class, you actually got to VPN into a SANS test network and play a capture the flag game by trying to penetrate some of their servers.  So it depends on how this class is being set up – I’m not sure if we’ll have VPN access into SANS test network every week, or if again, it will be saved for the last few weeks – or – if the DVD they are setting up will have everything completely virtualized to allow for localized pen testing.

      So you might want to contact Ed via SANS as to how the hands on part will be handled if you have concerns.



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      This is exactly the kind of info I’ve been looking for.

      While I’m sure Don’s probably not greatly excited about taking a GCIH thread and turning into a GPEN thread, the @home part still applies!!!

      I’ll be purchasing Counter Hack Reloaded today in preparation for my GPEN course.

      I’m totally new to the world of security, but have a pretty in depth background in PCs, servers, and networks.

      Can you think of any other great preparation methods or devices?


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      Don Donzal

      No worries my friend. Of course, if you ever feel like a thread is turning towards a different topic, feel free to take it upon yourself to create a new one.

      Thanks and welcome to EH-Net,

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      Ed-Skoudies, and other security hacking challanges, go over them, however do not go over the solutions unless you have covered the material and had a good guess what was involved in these challanges

      if you want to develop your hands-on, create a lab test using backtrack, and possibley the pen. CDS, or the the DVL linux.

      i have found the metaspolit coverage in the course was not adequate enough, so may be this is another area where you can expand upon, remmber that the number of tools covered in  this course is quite huge, however the ones you will be using will be less than a dozen, mainly Google :), ipconfig, ifconfig, whois, nmap, netcat, nessus, cmd.exe, wmic and bash are the ones that stand out

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      I’ve taken two SANS course as instructor led boot camps. I can say that if at all possible, I won’t do that again vs. taking OnDemand or @Home. The firehose of information was a bit overwhelming. These courses have a *lot* of information in them. Depending on your learning style, being able to absorb that slowly over several weeks, IMO, is preferable to having it dumped on you over 5 or 6 days.

      I don’t know about the hands on for GCIH@Home, but I looked into GPEN@Home. The one and only offering so far is currently ongoing (sadly, I could not take it for $$ reasons), and I did get confirmation that a “Hack Lab” of sorts would be available to the students for the duration of the course, which is spread over something like 6 or 10 weeks. That to me makes the @Home version of GPEN much more appealing that the classroom version.

      Just to note, in case you aren’t aware:
      OnDemand – Canned, pre-recorded material completely at your own pace
      @Home – Virtual interactive classroom with scheduled meetings, with previous sessions available if you miss them.

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      I took the GCIH at the conference in Virginia Beach last year and thougth it was great. I would have to agree that I felt like someone (Ed) opened the flood gates and let it flow. It was a lot of info to consume in a weeks worth of time. Also, I was lucky enough to get the on-demand course at a discounted rate so I was able to go back and review the class at my own pace. That was money well spent. To date, I have not taken a SANS @home course but am considering it. This was hands down the best class I have ever taken. Loads of fun to boot.

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