SANS Deals 4 EH-Netters – $150 OFF Any SANS Course in Any Format!

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      Guys, how long is this offer available? I plan to register in the first week of November. Just curious to know if it would be available then.

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      I remember seeing that on the website but I can’t find it anymore. If you have more time, just go to and look around. Also, once you’re on’ll find some other promo’s.

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      This offer has been available for a few months. I’m not too sure when they’re going to cut it. What’s great about it is it can be also used if you want to buy exam vouchers. I used it to purchase 2 Practice and 1 Proctored Test for GPEN, it dropped the price down to about $749 if I recall correctly. Also do not forget about their 25% off deal until 10/26 below (Assuming you can pay early):

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      Alright. I don’t want to register for the OnDemand or vLive modes as they don’t fit into my budget. Well I guess, the only other option I have is to register earliest to avail the $150 discount atleast. Thanks for the quick responses guys.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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